Jesse's philosophy of photography can be explained simply. Great portraits aren't the result of light, lenses or luck. They're born of three essential qualities: Passion. Experience. Trust. Without those qualities, you'll get, well, a picture. But find a photographer who applies them and you'll come away with magic. And lifelong treasures.


Photos of Lisa and Jesse


One of Jesse's earliest memories is of seeing a photograph of his sister running down a hill. She was two years old and frozen in mid-stride, with both arms outstretched beneath a blue summer sky; her smile was pure joy. That picture opened Jesse's eyes to the magic of photography and began a lifelong obsession with documenting the world around him.

Jesse is always seeking out real and unscripted moments to photograph. He's always searching to discover art in ordinary, everyday events. He also has a real feel for his subjects, whether it's a wide-eyed baby diving into her first birthday cake, a young adult on the verge of his senior year in high school, a blushing bride or a rambunctious pet who won't sit still for anyone but Jesse.

Jesse doesn't work solo. His wife Lisa helps with business on a few dynamic levels. Design permeates Lisa's life. From graphic design to the interior of her home, she seeks design zen in all things. Her two creative passions are graphic design and photography. Lisa and Jesse love working together on creative projects. Their skill sets are an amazing complement, and they work well together.

Jesse Valley Photography is located in Minneapolis, MN and belongs to the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Jesse is available for regional, national and international work.

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