The Weasel with a Mouse in its Mouth

I was at Westwood Nature Center in St. Louis Park enjoying a walk in the warm March weather.  While standing on the boardwalk, I heard some rustling in the reeds. A weasel appeared. He looked me straight in the eyes, as if to greet me and ran right toward me! I was able to take a picture before he jumped off the boardwalk.

In his haste to get away, he dropped his mouse and kept on running. I thought I wouldn’t see him again, but I guess he was hungry. He popped up his head on the other side of the boardwalk. And he paused to check me out. I pointed my lens on the mouse and took a portrait when he collected his prize.


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One Response to “The Weasel with a Mouse in its Mouth”

  1. Shannon says:

    Super amazing Jesse, not only how you capture moments that most of us may never experience, but that you can do it is such a beautifully artistic way. Anyone can appreciate your photography, and point of view. You have a seriously impressive God-given talent and I am blessed by the beauty your skill produces. So lucky to know you and Lisa, who is equally as talented in her artistic trade. Hope she is feeling better soon and we can walk the dogs! Love Shan