Photography is about Light and Timing

One of my favorite things to do with landscape photography is revisit the same subject many times, because the lighting and mood can be so very different. When I find a compelling subject, I will often go back multiple times and in different seasons.

But sometimes you can catch a similar transformation within only a few hours. The pictures below demonstrate how different the mood can be in just a couple hours of time. Light changes quickly, so I make sure to carry my camera with me as often as possible, because I can’t count on lighting to stay the same for long or to ever recreate a moment.

This idea was strongly influenced by some of Claude Monet’s later paintings.

Taking pictures of the same subject on multiple occasions is a great way to learn how timing and light affect the overall feeling of a photograph, and it is a great exercise for anyone who wants to be more expressive with their photography. Why not try it out yourself?


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One Response to “Photography is about Light and Timing”

  1. Jo says:

    I LOVE this idea. I have always wanted to give myself assignments and this would be a great one. Another I have been considering is to sit in 1 spot, and give myself 24-36 frames and create a new interesting photo with each one, without moving. I suppose I could have all kinds of fun lenses and flashes and such, but it would all be of the same area.