Minneapolis Skyline Double Exposure

Even though I really enjoy the quality and convenience of making photographs digitally, I still find it very enjoyable to get out my film camera every now and then. To make this double exposure of the Minneapolis skyline, I used one of my favorite techniques. I usually vary the procedure each time, but I follow these general steps:

  1. Load film into camera and manually set the ASA to double the actual ISO (for this roll of Kodak ISO 100 I set the ASA to 200).
  2. Expose each picture normally (TIP: it helps to keep the orientation the same for each shot, either vertical or horizontal).
  3. Rewind the film (be sure to leave the leader out so you can load it again).
  4. Repeat steps 1—3.
  5. Develop normally and see what you got!

For the initial exposure of each image, I used a Lensbaby Composer to photograph nature along Minnesota’s North Shore. The second exposure of each image is made of Minneapolis and its urban surroundings near St. Anthony and Main. This picture was taken from the Stone Arch Bridge.

I encourage you to try this out for yourself. If you have any questions about the process or would like to share your results with me, send me an email or find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JesseValleyPhotography.

Minneapolis Double Exposure


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