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Fine Art Photos: Minnesota’s North Shore

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Every time we travel along Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior, I am reminded of how beautiful it is. This was our first trip in the Spring, and I really enjoyed photographing the rivers full with snow runoff. It was also very cool to see some remnants of ice from this winter.

This week’s Fine Art Photo of the Week is an HDR image of part of the gorge that the Temperance River cuts through the earth on its way to Lake Superior. I was struck by the sunlight hitting the icicle as the water rushed in shadow below. Since cameras cannot capture the range of light that our eyes can see, I knew that I would have to take multiple exposures of the scene and combine it in Photoshop to recapture what I saw (7 stops difference between the sun on the icicle and the shadowy water below).


Those of you who know me well realize I am not much of a morning person. But the crisp air and beautiful sunrise of the first morning certainly woke me up! We stayed in Tofte, MN, so the Temperance River was close by. The first picture shows a great old tree leaning over the river, and the following pictures are along the shore where the river meets Lake Superior.


These last bonus images are of some falls along the Cascade River (top) and of Caribou Falls (middle and bottom). You can’t really see the rainbow that was produced at the bottom of Caribou Falls, so I zoomed in on it for the last picture.


Fine Art Photos: Mallards

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

This is a special installment of my Fine Art Photo of the Week especially for fans of mallards. Spring is here and the mating race is on, which is a great time to photograph water fowl. The first image (my actual photo of the week) was taken with a Lensbaby Composer and the Pinhole/Zone Plate optic. It is definitely one of my favorite lenses for experimentation and creative image making.


The conditions were good for me to take some other great shots of the mallards that were flying around Westwood Nature Center. Enjoy these bonus images:


Fine Art Photos in Group Exhibition | Hopkins, MN

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

I wanted to let you know that I have two photos that will be on display at the Hopkins Center for the Arts in a group exhibition. They are titled Alone and Red/Green (can you guess which is which?), and they are both 16×24 inches in size and printed on metallic photographic paper.

The opening reception is Thursday, April 21 from 6–8 pm. The exhibition ends May 21, 2011. The gallery hours are posted on their website, which you can see by clicking here.

*Updated April 29: I found out that Red/Green received an Award of Excellence!*


Fine Art Photo: St. Paul, Minnesota

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

This week we attended the official reception for the Wonder Years exhibition at the Science Museum of Minnesota. (I’ve already posted quite a bit about my photos in this exhibit, which you can see here, so I’m not going to say much now.) It was a lot of fun to roam around the museum and really experience some of the learning stations that are apart of the exhibit. Two of my favorites were the baby goggles (which let you see how poorly newborns see) and the video that shows a toddler make scale errors (click here to watch a video about this on YouTube).

This week’s fine art photo of the week is of Lisa looking out at St. Paul from the Science Museum.


Photography is about Light and Timing

Friday, April 8th, 2011

One of my favorite things to do with landscape photography is revisit the same subject many times, because the lighting and mood can be so very different. When I find a compelling subject, I will often go back multiple times and in different seasons.

But sometimes you can catch a similar transformation within only a few hours. The pictures below demonstrate how different the mood can be in just a couple hours of time. Light changes quickly, so I make sure to carry my camera with me as often as possible, because I can’t count on lighting to stay the same for long or to ever recreate a moment.

This idea was strongly influenced by some of Claude Monet’s later paintings.

Taking pictures of the same subject on multiple occasions is a great way to learn how timing and light affect the overall feeling of a photograph, and it is a great exercise for anyone who wants to be more expressive with their photography. Why not try it out yourself?


My Photos at the Science Museum of Minnesota

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

I posted a little while ago about my photography in the Wonder Years exhibition at the Science Museum of Minnesota (read the blog post by clicking here). I hope that you all will go and see it in person, because things are always best with first-hand experience. And there are so many interesting things to discover at the Science Museum.

But for those of you who are out of town or want to visit vicariously through my lens, here is a sneak peak of the exhibit. It can be hard to envision a 12 foot tall banner, but hopefully these photos will help demonstrate their true size.

Don’t forget to check out the television show Brighter Futures: Childhood in Balance on Twin Cities Public Television, which includes my photos from this exhibit. Read my post about this here.